The FAQs on LHR

Laser hair removal (LHR), or as some refer to it is “a miracle”, is a medical procedure that uses a laser (intense, pulsating beam of light) to remove unwanted hair. The process consists of a laser beam passing through the skin to individual hair follicles, damaging the hair follicle and inhibiting future hair growth, with its intense heat. When initially introduced, laser hair removal was most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair. Now, with ever-evolving technology, certain lasers are being manufactured to use on all skin types and colors.

The FAQs on LHR

  1. How many treatments are usually necessary?

The number and frequency of treatments required varies for each individual. Factors such as the location and color of the unwanted hair, hormonal influences, and even some medications can all have an effect on your LHR treatment. During a complimentary comprehensive consultation, we would go over all factors regarding LHR and you.

  1. Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure, when attended to by adequately trained medical staff, produces long term results. All of our thoroughly trained technicians have been certified and continue with ongoing education to ensure their knowledge and your safety. In every facet of our business, we are dedicated to producing intelligent results – We have seen many unfortunate problems occur over the years with poorly trained staff at many of these franchise and chain hair removal clinics. The cheapest is not always a safe option!

  1. Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

It is simply not possible to guarantee permanent hair removal. Permanent hair reduction, however, is possible. Unfortunately, dormant hair follicles may become active later in life and respond to hormonal influences, medications and other possible causes.

  1. Can all types of hair be treated?

All hair types can be treated with the Ellman or M22 lasers we employ, but technology has yet to prove effective on blonde, red and grey hair. The laser targets the pigment (color) located in the hair follicle which is why clients with darker hair generally achieve the best results from LHR.

  1. How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

Here at skiin Anti-Aging Lounge, cost varies between each individual according to the density of unwanted hair and also the size of the area you are having treated. Subsequent treatment times will reduce and in turn, cost you less. Our comprehensive consultations are always complimentary. For further information or to have some more questions answered, contact us today 262-657-5446.

Hair Removal the Permanent Way


De-fuzzing our bodies and faces has come a long way since generations past. While for our mothers, their mothers, and their mothers, good old fashioned shaving was the only option. Today the ways in which to get rid of unwanted hair on our bodies and face are plentiful. From slathering on depilatory creams, sugaring and waxing to threading, tweezing and lasering our hair off, the “one size fits all” approach does not apply to getting rid of hair. One option may be preferred by or work better for one than it does for another.

If you need a quick fix for the weekend, date night, or an impromptu body-baring event, you have plenty of options. Yet, if you are looking for a permanent way to say “By Bye!” to body hair, laser hair removal is your best and only option.

Laser hair removal gained momentum as a leader in the hair removal realm in the early 2000s. In the past 15 years, technology has come a long way and the process and results are better than ever.

laser hair removal

Still weary? Let us take away the guesswork – here is what you can expect if you are interested in this treatment:

Not all lasers suit all skin and hair types. The truth is that no one laser can successfully remove all hair from every woman but we can achieve great results on all skin types with our state of the art equipment, Asclepion. This state of the art equipment provides effective results in less time with less discomfort and less sessions.

It may take anywhere between 4-8 treatments to remove hair completely, depending on the amount of and texture of the hair.

When booking your treatments, the time between visits need to be apart by about a month, depending on your hair.

It can be sensitizing to the skin. Many people compare it to having a rubber band snapped across your skin but the level of discomfort is greatly minimized with the laser technology we use.

The price varies. Just like there is not a “one size fits all” with hair removal options, there isn’t one for laser hair removal treatments.

There is no downtime. You might experience some redness or or slight inflammation after the treatment session, but it vanishes shortly after the treatment.

It works! After the first few treatments there should be a 50 to 70 percent reduction in hair. Some people need to do yearly touch-ups to stay free of unwanted hair, but any hair that does grow back will be much finer and thinner.

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